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1. Coaching at Chelmsford

All age grade coaches are parents. All age grade coaches are volunteers. All age grade coaches make a difference.

When we put on the CRFC Blue jacket, we agree to give up our time, freely and without expectation of reward, to help our kids learn what we all believe to be, the very best game in the world. We give time, enthusiasm and expertise in exchange for the unique privilege of watching our kids (and all their rugby mates) grow up and develop as young men and women, all through the values of rugby.

When you become a CRFC coach, you make a commitment to every one of our players to always do our best by them – to be a good role model, a teacher and their advocate; you make a commitment to the club – to help us to develop the next generation of rugby talent in the city; you make a commitment to the RFU to represent the very best values of the game in everything you do.

When you become a CRFC coach, we also make a commitment to you - to help you develop your coaching practice; to provide you with the tools and support you need to grow with your players; to give you access to the courses that will help guide what and how you coach.

Every coaches’ pathway is different. However, there are some courses that every coach must complete (some on a regular basis) but others will be determined by how far you wish to progress as a coach and where your interests lie.

We hope this is the start of a journey that will see you “through-coach” your kids all the way through to senior rugby. How far you decide to take your coaching is up to you but we do know that you will enjoy every step of it!