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Volunteer - BlueBoys XV Videographer

Volunteer - BlueBoys XV Videographer

By Kevin Blackmore
21st May
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This brand-new role has been created to accommodate what is seen as a key part of performance support for our Senior Rugby players.

Role description:

If your application was successful you would be part of a new and growing support team that has the intention to provide the best possible performance support to the players that our limited resources will allow. To be a successful applicant, you would need to be a resourceful, self-starter, with an interest in the coaching process and with a particular focus on the Performance Analysis piece. The role would suit you if you have an ambition to work as a Performance Analyst after graduation or if you have the desire to broaden your coaching experience in this growing area of performance support. To fulfill the roles requirement, you would need to be able to commit to between 2-5 hours a week from September to April to cover all BlueBoys XV league games.

Role responsibilities:

  1. Capture video of BlueBoys XV games at our home & away fixtures on Saturday afternoons.
  2. Upload game footage to the cloud - Either at Home or in the club office.
  3. Once the video is uploaded you will share the footage with all players and coaches.

The coaches will present a video review to the players on a Tuesday night before training, highlighting areas of strength and parts of the game that need to be worked on. This would be based on a subjective viewpoint of strategic and technical areas the coaches have made during the game and from the video. There would be no obligation to attend this review, but you would be very welcome to do so if this was of interest. It would be a good way to develop technical\tactical knowledge of the game.

How to apply:

Please contact Director of Rugby, Kev Blackmore to apply for this position:

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