CRFC 200 Club Lottery
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1. CRFC 200 Club Lottery

The Chelmsford RFC “200 Club” Lottery was created back in the 1960’s to provide our members with an additional way of supporting the club while also giving those involved the chance to win a nice cash prize every month!

The number of members taking part in our lottery has sadly diminished in recent years, but the great news is that getting involved couldn’t be easier. Click the link below and log in into your RFU GMS account, click the “Buy membership” link and simply add one of the 200 Club subscription options to your membership today. Tickets start from just £1 a month!!!!

At least 50% of the money raised through our lottery is reinvested straight back into your club with the remainder allocated to the prize fund. There is a first, second and third prize to be won every draw and if you win, your prize money can be added to your club-card, paid straight into your bank account or if you are feeling generous, you can even donate some of your winnings back to the club.

Your support really will make a massive difference to the club plus the more of us that get involved, the bigger the prizes will be!