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I am pleased to say that the 200 Club is now expanding its membership significantly, and I would like to thank those new members who have joined the scheme recently, however, the Club always needs more funds than it can generate from subscriptions, which are paid mainly by young adult players or families with children. The Club budgets to cover its basic running costs from this source but looks to sponsorship and donations to provide funds to grow and for the additional items that it requires. The 200 Club is one of the ways we raise this extra money, which will go towards the purchase of items for the clubhouse or equipment for all sections of the club as deemed necessary by the general committee. If you want to put something back into our Club and are able to provide some of the extra financial support we need and perhaps enjoy a flutter, then hopefully the 200 Club is for you. If you are an existing member then thank you for your continued support.
How does the 200 Club operate?

The 200 Club is a monthly draw, whereby its members win prizes equal to 50% of the money contributed by them with the balance going to the Club. You decide the amount you wish to pay in units of £1 and the Club collects this amount on or about 15th of each month by Direct Debit. The more units you have the greater your chance of winning. You can cease your payment and membership of the 200 Club at any time by writing to the Club or your bank, cancelling your Direct Debit Instruction. At this moment in time we have been able to increase the monthly prize monies once again and the prizes are £100 and £62 per month. The draw is made on or about 20th of each month and you will be notified of the winners by email or you can check on the website here.
How can I join?

You can join the 200 Club by completing the Application Forms, which can be downloaded here from the website by clicking onto “Club Information” then “Fundraising” and then click onto “Documents” and then “200 Club Application Forms.” Please include your email address if you have one. When completed, send the Application Form and Direct Debit Instruction to our Membership Secretary who will register the Direct Debit payment with your bank. If more convenient, you may hand in your forms at the Club bar.
Thanks for your kind support

Fundraising Committee

CRFC – 200 Club Winners

January 2014Dave Clark £100
Rob Evans£ 61
February 2014Danny Slater£100
Arthur Allen£ 60
March 2014Lawrence Crispin£100
Danny Slater£ 60
April 2014Peter Kimp£100
Peter Bellamy£ 56
May 2014Peter Kimp£100
Rob Evans£ 56
June 2014Paul Randall£100
Campbell Kennedy£ 50
July 2014Gary Swann£100
Mal Davies£ 52.50
August 2014Graham Venn£100
Jerry Wormald£ 52.50
September 2014Martin Atkinson£100
Trevor Parfitt£ 52.50
October 2014Richard Evans£100
Peter Tyrie£ 52.50
November 2014Clare St John Coleman£100
James Howe£ 55
December 2014Nick Pilgrim£100
Clare St John Coleman£62.50
January 2015Gary Swann£100
Jon Lyons£ 62.50
February 2015Ian Moss£100
Arthur Allen£62.50