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4. CRFC Safeguarding Policy


Chelmsford Rugby Football Club (“CRFC” or “the Club”) has been set up to provide rugby to all who want to play the sport that we are passionate about. Within that, we aim to ensure that all children and vulnerable adults experience and enjoy the game within a safe environment in which they will have fun, achieve success and continue to participate in the sport.

Chelmsford's safeguarding policy (v1.6 is attached below) has been produced in order to provide guidance to everyone within the Club from the Executive Committee to the local supporter, from parents to volunteers and visiting clubs in providing the safe environment.
This policy should be read in conjunction with the the clubs policy on Social Media, the RFU Safeguarding Children Policy, RFU Safeguarding Adults Policy, and the RFU Safeguarding Toolkit which provides further guidance and advice on safeguarding matters, all these documents can be downloaded below.

CRFC acknowledges its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all CRFC playing children (from age 6 – 17) and all CRFC playing adults and/or volunteers ‘including those who may be deemed vulnerable’ as defined in this policy, and should be read in conjunction with this policy

The Management Committee of CRFC endorses this document.

Whilst this document endeavours to address issues the Club may face, it is impossible to cover them all. When the Club is considering issues that are not covered by this document, they must put the welfare of the child or vulnerable adult first and use common sense to determine the best course of action. CRFC should also refer to the relevant Rugby Football Union (“RFU”) Safeguarding Children and Adult Policies, guidance documents and toolkit, as well as seek advice from Essex RFU Safeguarding Team and/or RFU Safeguarding Team.

Working Together to Safeguard Children (Department of Children, Schools and Families) states that:

“Everyone shares responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, irrespective of individual role. Nevertheless in order that organisations and practitioners collaborate effectively, it is vital that all partners who work with children – including local authorities, the police, the health service, the courts, professionals, the voluntary sector and individual members of local communities – are aware of, and appreciate, the role that each of them play in this area”.


This Policy applies to all CRFC members, including adult and child players, coaches, volunteers and supporters, visiting teams or any other individual who comes into contact with the Club. It also applies at CRFC events and to any person representing CRFC at any other club or venue.

Code of Rugby

Everyone involved in CRFC whether as an adult or child player, coach, referee, administrator, parent or spectator is expected to uphold the Core Values of our sport as set out by the RFU:


• Play to win – but not at all costs
• Win with dignity, lose with grace
• Observe the laws and regulations of the game
• Respect opponents, referees and all participants
• Reject cheating, discrimination, violence and drugs
• Value volunteers and paid officials alike
• Enjoy the game

Policy statement

CRFC confirms that it adheres to the RFU’s Safeguarding Policy and the procedures, practices and guidelines and endorses and adopts the Policy Statement contained in that document and any successor policy regarding Young People i.e. those Under 18.

CRFC confirms that it also adheres to the RFU’s Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures.

Please contact Lou Babbs - Club CSO if you have any questions or concerns about the club's safeguarding policies.


RFU Regulation 21


RFU Safeguarding Adults in Rugby Union Policy and Procedures


RFU Safeguarding Children Policy 2022


Chelmsford RFC Safeguarding Policy v1.6 (23/24)


RFU Safeguarding Toolkit