Safeguarding 6 of 12

6. Videoing (inc VEO's) and Photography at Coronation Park


Photos and videos can be freely at Adult matches but there are rules in place for when age grade players (U18s) are participating or spectating (please see below for guidance).

Coronation Park is a public park owned by Chelmsford City Council. As such the club is unable to prevent members of the public taking photography or video. However, if you have concerns about any member of the public who is taking photos or video, please speak to a member of the coaching team or the safeguarding team who will speak to the person in question.


Photo's and video of adults may be taken in the bar area of clubhouse but there are rules in place for when age grade players are present (please see below) The use of cameras (including mobile phones or any other recording device) is strictly prohibited in and around the changing room areas on the ground floor AT ALL TIMES.


The club permits VEO camera systems to be used to record home games. These must behind the roped off areas retained as cricket square for the health and safety of the general public.


General Photography

The club must ensure that parental permission has been given for all the children participating. If there is a child who is the subject of a court order who should therefore not have their photograph taken, this should be addressed before the game.

VEO Cameras

In additon to the rules regarding general photography parents should be made aware if a film is being taken to be used as a coaching aid. We ensure that any footage will be carefully monitored and stored securely.